Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Cake with Caramel Glaze

Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Cake 

Simple, Easy, Delicious
This Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Cake is so good it lead me directly to the love of my life and to our beautiful baby boy! This cake brought so much attention to me at a vegan potluck that I met the roommate to my husband's coworker, which later lead me to my husband!!! We even celebrate our wedding aniversary with this cake. This is an unforgetable bundt cake and will make all your friends and family rave about how great vegan desserts taste. Prepare, bake, and serve this bundt cake in about 1 1/2 hours.

Cake Ingredients:  
½ cup expeller pressed canola oil 
1 cup evaporated cane juice sugar
½ cup plain soymilk
1/3 cup orange mango juice
½ unsweetened applesauce
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon aluminum-free baking powder 
1/8 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons egg re-placer powder (No Egg Replacer Powder? Don't Stress. Add 1 t extra baking soda and 1 t extra baking powder)
1 ¾ cups baking flour

¼ cup brown sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
Caramel Glaze:
3 Tablespoons margarine
4 Tablespoons brown sugar
2 Tablespoons soymilk
½ teaspoon vanilla extract

Optional Topping:
Sprinkle 2 Tablespoons of chopped walnuts or pecans on the bottom of your bundt pan before pouring cake batter into the pan.

Preheat oven to 350*F. Lightly grease a **6-cup Bundt Pan.
Wet Ingredients: Combine oil, sugar, soymilk, juice, applesauce, and vanilla extract in a bowl and mix until smooth.

Dry Ingredients: Sift together flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt & egg re-placer powder.  

Next: Gradually Add Dry ingredients to Wet ingredients and mix together until combined, but remember do not over mix or your cake with be tough and dry. Set aside.
Filling: Mix the brown sugar with the cinnamon.
Putting the Cake together: Pour half of the cake batter into the prepared bundt pan. Spoon the filling mixture evenly over the layer of batter then carefully pour remaining batter over the filling.
Bake cake for 35 - 40 minutes until a cake tester comes out clean. Cool cake for 30 minutes before removing it from the pan. Make sure to gently go around the edges of the cake and middle of the cake with a plastic knife or even a wood chop stick to ensure it does not stick to the sides when removed from the pan. Cool completely, then glaze.
Glaze: Mix together vegan margarine, brown sugar, soymilk, and vanilla extract. Melt mixture in microwave for 30 seconds then mix well. Melt again 30 second to 1 minute until bubbling. Let sit for 10 minutes until thick. Mix again before glazing the cake.
After cake has cooled, slowly drizzle glaze over the top of the cake. 
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